Brand Identity

Brand identity is an important factor for any business it makes you stand out from the crowd, creates the right impression and helps you build a solid reputation..

Creating a brand Identity is a major component in your marketing strategy.

Logo’s, business cards, web design and other marketing material should be consistent by using the same fonts and colours throughout your marketing activities.

Simple yet imaginative designs are best adopted within your design concept as simplistic methodology design is well proven in creating an impression that is recognised and easily remembered with your target audience.


What to consider

Unique and Memorable

You just need to take a look at well branded companies to realise simplicty is the key to branding.

Companies such as BT, Macdonalds, Nike and M&S all have unique and memorable brand logos that are instantly recognisable.

Create Brand Identity

It’s key to your marketing strategy to create an identity that sends the correct message helping build brand loyalty and awareness.

A unique and relevant brand logo together with consitency in fonts and colours sends the right message and helps you stand out from the crowd.